Herb Garden Ideas

Herb Garden Ideas is the garden which has immense benefits. We do not have to decorate the garden with flowers , but we can take advantage of medicinal plants . Besides useful as a medicinal plant garden , the garden also serves as an addition to the freshness and beauty of the house . We must intelligently adjusts medicinal plants that look neat and beautiful .


Herb Garden Ideas is a multifunctional idea in designing a garden . We decorate the garden with medicinal plants . We can take directly whenever necessary even when the night. In addition we are convinced because we are taking care of premises either medicinal plants , natural and preserved freshness. Medicinal plants are also resistant to the disease so that treatment of the herbs are not too difficult .


We do not need a lot of media in planting medicinal plants . We just need media soil and fertilizer to grow it and keep its water needs . If we do not have a wide enough area to crop , we can design a medicinal plant with models like the design above . We create a shelf to put a box of herbal plants , then we separate them according to type . We set the box of herbs that do not intersect with each other and also do not appear to be empty .


For those of you who have large gardens , you can design with combining herbs plant and flowers . That way it can complement each other, because herbs tend to be short and not flowering . Adjust according to the type of plants and plant color harmony , so it looks beautiful and neat .


In addition to using the media wooden box arranged on the shelf , we can also use tin cans media , then we give the soil , fertilizers and herbs . We hanging the medicinal plants on the wall , so that the wall looks unique and is not plain. We separate the types of medicinal plants with one another so that the wall looks more crowded various types of plants .

Herb Garden Ideas is to utilize the park as a pharmacy . Without removing the main elements of the park as beautify the home , but also adds to its function as a medicinal plant . We can arrange medicinal plants by grouping or separating by type , but we can also combine it with flowers , so that complement each other . The important thing is how we set up the herbs so that a beautiful garden and also in maintenance .